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Hi, I'm Daniel.

Allow me to introduce myself...

  • I'm an innovative, strategic multichannel communicator equipped with a broad range of IT/technical skills and more than 20 years of experience leading 24/7 press offices and representing government agencies as an on-the-record spokesperson.

  • My technical skills extend well beyond the traditional  "communications" scope, including video production, event management, multimedia content development, Linux system administration, network administration, video over IP,  process automation, web administration,  social media, graphic design and more.

  • I'm passionate about innovation and thrive on identifying creative solutions to complex problems.

  • I am a problem solver, with deep, wide-ranging experience managing crisis situations and communicating effectively during real-world incidents, including:

    • terrorist attacks and security threats

    • police-involved shootings, homicides, assaults

    • transportation incidents including derailments, collisions, and fires

    • natural disasters including floods, earthquakes, hurricanes, derechos, and blizzards 

    • power outages and computer network failures

  • I excel at transforming complex, technical concepts into clear and actionable strategies. As a communicator, I always want to immerse myself in the subject, going beyond talking points to gain a full understanding of nuance, detail, and context.

  • As a trusted advisor to CEOs and C-suite executives, I will always provide my best guidance and honest feedback.

  • I have extensive experience working cross-functionally with colleagues at all levels of complex organizational structures..

  • A proficient multitasker, I produce high-quality work, even under tight deadlines. 


In a noisy, cluttered media landscape, getting a message to connect means "meeting your audience where they are." As a communicator, I believe the ability to create engaging digital content is as vital a skill as the ability to draft a press release. For more than a decade, I have made it a priority to develop and maintain a parallel skill set in digital video production -- from scripting and storyboarding to lighting, audio, filming, editing, graphics and post-production. 

Here are some examples of videos that I wrote, filmed, and produced.


It was the first week of Covid lockdowns, and Metro's Pandemic Task Force needed a way to share critical information with the agency's 10,000+ employees who operate trains and buses in the nation's capital. 

Metro had never attempted a live broadcast of this scale and didn't have much AV equipment to deploy. Still, I knew that a live video format would be the most efficient and effective way to -- not only reach our audience-- but to reassure them. I was convinced we could pull it off.

Working with my Employee Communications colleagues, I produced a series of livestream broadcasts (Metro Voices Live) that would become the agency's first-ever Facebook Live event.

And to make it happen, I...  




Metro Voices Live

May 20, 2020




  • Communications 

  • Media Relations/Spokesperson (20 years of on-the-record experience)

  • Crisis Comms & Incident Management 

  • Branding & Marketing Strategy

  • Video Production & Multimedia Content Development

  • Live Web Conferences, Announcements & Events

  • Live-stream Event Production (NDI, WebRTC, HLS, RTMP) 

  • Video Over IP, Audio/Visual Systems

  • Social Media Tactics & Strategy


  • ChatGPT/AI Language Models

  • Video Transport Protocols: NDI, RTMP, SDI, HLS

  • Video Conferencing Platforms: Zoom Enterprise, Teams/Skype, WebEx, Jitsi, Bluejeans, Google Meet, Amazon Chime, peer-to-peer

  • Operating Systems: MacOS, Linux, UNIX, Windows

  • Front-end Development: Javascript, Python, NodeJS, YAML

  • Social Platforms: YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter


  • Office365 (Word, Excel, Powerpoint, Sharepoint, Teams, Outlook, etc.)

  • MacOS (Keynote, Motion, Final Cut Pro, Pages, Numbers)

  • Adobe Creative Cloud (Photoshop, Illustrator, Acrobat)

  • Adobe Premiere Pro, After Effects

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